Slim LED Line: State-of-the art technology itself.

Utterly versatile. Highly effective.

Extremely simple.

When developing our ranges for the logistics/industry segment, we put high emphasis on energy efficiency, robust build, and long lifespan. Further aspects of lighting within assembly and production halls or warehouses we considered crucial were perfect luminance, easy handling and maintenance of luminaires and creating a safe working environment. Our Slim LED Line trunking system incorporates all the above requirements and more.

Slim LED Line 

Versatility: surface and suspended trunking system designed not only for industrial facilities, assembly, and storage halls, but also for retail stores. When intended for retail outlet lighting, it can be ordered with spots or even with asymmetric wall washer optics.

Efficacy: the energy efficient family boasts with high efficacy and resilience, and high transmittance PMMA lenses for perfect illumination. IP40 degree of protection with 12,200 lm output and 140 lm/W.

Simplicity: no-tool assembly with 3-phase wiring (7 wires) and quick connectors for fast installation.

Slim LED Line can be fitted with addressed safety lighting system or with uninterruptable battery driver, as per request. The luminaires are available with occupancy and light sensor, or with wireless, addressable DALI control system, allowing for appointing individual sectors later.

Slim LED Line features 4000K, CRI>80 luminaires with 5 years’ warranty for peace of mind. CRI>90, 3000K and emergency versions are available for order, together with 60, 90, and 120 degree angle options.

(Using 1-phase wiring, the maximum number of luminaires allowed to be connected in one continuous line is 12, with a maximum of 50m length. Using 3-phase wiring, a maximum of 3300W total wattage light system can be operated. Electrical planning is needed before the installation of the light system.)


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