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Energy efficiency in the limelight

Increasing energy costs have put large focus on the economical operation of public areas, logistics and industrial sites in recent years. Reducing energy bills, whilst maintaining luminance, is becoming more and more accentual when lighting these places. Old, traditional street lanterns equipped with fluorescent tubes, however, cannot compete with LED luminaires of low energy consumption and great efficacy. They need refurbishment.

One cost-efficient method of modernising traditional lighting is upgrading: the fluorescent tubes within the lanterns are exchanged to LEDs. We, at Simotrade, therefore developed an LED upgrade kit for our successfully sold out STREET traditional street lanterns, that enables fast modernisation of the lighting fixtures without having to completely replace them. The luminous flux of the LED module within the upgrade kit equals that of the traditional street lantern of two fluorescent tubes.

The upgrading process can be carried out in 8 steps, exclusively by an electrician or a person similarly qualified in electric installation. An upgrade guide is available for use. Our upgrade kit contains a STREET LED II tray and a STREET LED II diffuser.

Check out the kit:

Photometric files are available for download from above link.

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