Public or industrial lighting? Meet our STREET LUX LED and STREET LUX LED SMART.

The most important aspect of lighting public areas, roads and streets is providing the appropriate luminance for lit spaces. The same rule applies to industrial and logistic sites as safety measures demand good visibility. Our street lanterns are recommended for the lighting of industrial and logistic spaces. The robust built and long lifetime of the products guarantee buyer satisfaction.
You can reduce the energy bills of your facility significantly with our energy efficient lighting fixtures of low-cost maintenance.




Our STREET LUX LED perfectly illuminates roads, streets, public areas, and industrial sites. The lantern has a maximum of 150 W energy consumption and offers high lumen output and efficacy. The robust luminaire can be mounted both on sidewalls – with the help of a wall adaptor – and on poles. The non-sealed STREET LUX LED offers exchangeable components and can be ordered with several types of optics. The very good value-for-money product comes with a TÜV certificate.

  • perfect luminance: up to 19.000 lm output
  • high efficacy: 150 lm/W
  • robust and durable: IP65 degree of protection with high pressure die cast aluminium house and tempered glass diffuser

Other features: 4000K, 5 years’ warranty.


Our STREET LUX LED SMART lanterns can be easily integrated into a communication network of up to 150 m range. The luminaires can be controlled wirelessly via an Android or IOS device, there is no need for an external control unit. Various lighting scenes can be created in order to define and control the light output of the luminaire for a specified time interval.

  • motion – and light sensor: light where and when it is needed (up to 560m2 area)
  • communication unit with light sensor: up to 250 nodes with up 150m range
  • simple control: via an Android or IOS smart device
  • groupControl: control of a group of luminaires based on sensors and time profiles

STREET LUX LED SMART includes a basicDIM Wireless OTD communication unit with PSensor SSI 31 2xPIR 8 DP DG motion – and light sensor. The luminaires, however, can be delivered with sensor design but without integrated sensors, as the sensor units can be installed and connected to a central processing unit in a later phase.



basicDIM Wireless OTD


PSensor SSI 31 2xPIR 8DP DG

  • communication unit with light sensor
  • 2,4Ghz Bluetooth network
  • can be controlled wirelessly with an Android/IOS smart device
  • no need for external gateway unit
  • automatically forms a wireless communication network with up to 250 nodes
  • range up to 150m
  • motion- and light sensor
  • low energy consumption
  • two built-in PIR sensing elements, allowing a detection area of up to 560 m2
  • sensor allows a rectangular shaped area to be monitored, making it ideal for street applications

Group Control

  • control of a group of outdoor luminaires based on sensors and time profiles
  • quick and easy to install and put into operation
  • creation of various scene profiles, via a scheduler, via motion sensors, time-based (sunrise and sunset), via motion path
  • communication between luminaire groups up to 100m apart
  • suitable for footpaths and cycle paths, side streets, parks, parking garages, harbours, sports stadiums, logistics centres etc.

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