DAISY, our non-glare and efficient office range

When designing our office luminaires, our main focus was to create user comfort and healthy working environment. We aimed to produce non-glare lighting that is pleasant to the eyes and not harmful to the nervous system. We kept in mind the requirements of the estate owners too, and made our office ranges energy efficient with easy maintenance. Our aesthetic lighting fixtures boast with clean outlines, fitting perfectly into the interiors of office, banking and other commercial spaces, giving added value to the rooms they illuminate.

We, at Simotrade Kft., provide you with tailor-made solutions based on your needs, including:

    • several CCT or CRI options,
    • houses powder coated as per your choice of colour,
    • setting up your control system on site,
    • various EM versions,
    • DALI and NFC smart systems.


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Our DAISY range was developed considering the lighting requirements of office buildings: non-glare illumination and energy efficiency. Since lighting has become the design element of office interiors, DAISY luminaires incorporate harmoniously into the visual appearance of office spaces. The luminaires boast with long lifespan, thus favouring estate owners. The recessed family is now available with surface mounting brackets, under the name Daisy M (check out our Daisy M mounting brackets below).

Advantages of DAISY:

  • comfort light: non-glare, UGR<19
  • efficient: 133 lm/W (5% loss of light)
  • tailor-made: the lumen output can be tailored to user requirements thanks to its NFC system*


Other features: neutral white colour temperature (4000K – 3000K versions available for order), easy maintenance due to quickly exchangeable components, various sizes to set up any lighting scheme, 100,000h driver lifetime, 5 years’ warranty. CRI>90, dimmable and NFC versions are available for order*.

DAISY M mounting brackets:

600×600 mm
1200×300 mm


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The small-sized, only 315×95 mm Daisy Mini, is an office luminaire to be recessed in suspended ceilings. Thanks to the water clear PMMA lenses installed on the LEDs and its reflector, it ensures non-glare lighting. The steel-sheet housing powder coated in white, perfectly fits into the suspended ceiling, with the help of the springs, placed at both ends of the product. The UGR<19 Daisy Mini is available with 3000K and 4000K colour temperature, CRI>80 or CRI>90 colour rendering index and with a dimmable option. The luminaire can be powder coated in a different colour, fitted with either white or black optics, as per buyer’s request.

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The suspended Daisy Linear with D/I light distribution, and 1120×50 mm of size, is a perfect luminaire for office environments. The elegant fixture is available in silky black, grey, or white colour, with non-glare, UGR<19 light. Daisy Linear boasts with a two-circuit connection, offering a solution for two different lighting tasks within one product. The first circuit ensures D/I lighting of 300 Lux, with the help of the lamps furnished with opal diffuser, positioned in the middle of the luminaire. When switching on the Daisy modules in the second circuit, the product provides a standard, 500 Lux office lighting, due to the lamps under the diffuser of the fixture. Daisy Linear is also available in 1400×50 mm size, with either black or white optics, on request. Its size can be multiplied with series connection, if needed.

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Our Daisy Square downlight was designed for the general and local lighting of offices, banks, hotels, public institutions, and corridors. It perfectly complies with the requirements of office lighting with its non-glare illuminance and high efficacy. Daisy Square can be mounted recessed in suspended ceilings. The luminaire is available for order in dimmable and EM versions, with black or white optics and in any other colour, as per request.

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NFC – (Near Field Communication system), the contactless connection between software and hardware

Our DAISY luminaires are furnished with the so-called NFC system, powered by Tridonic. We incorporated the LED driver of Tridonic’s NFC system in the products, enabling fast and easy configuration and analytics with the help of the 4service NFC application. The usage of the app significantly eases the job of electricians, maintenance staff and office workers as it enables communication between individual lighting fixtures.

NFC is widely known as a contactless payment method, but it is also applicable in various other fields. Contactless data transfer has already made its way into luminaire production, thanks to the integration of the NFC system into LED drivers. NFC transmitters send signs to nearby receivers, which in our case are drivers programmed with configuration data. This way the current output, the automatic switch off function of corridor fixtures or the dimming rate can be programmed on the driver. There is no need for wiring or power supply – thus for shock protection either –, and, with the help of NFC, up to 20 drivers can be programmed, saving up significant time. Tridonic offers perfect solution for a critical problem, since up to now each driver had to be handled, connected and programmed individually.

In case of our DAISY family, we upload the free application of Tridonic (iOS, Android) on a handheld device (tablet or cell phone) and connect it to the NFC transmitter via Bluetooth. Following this, we position the transmitter near the place specified on the lighting fixture (the luminaire should be turned off) and sync the programme on the mobile device with the driver incorporated in the luminaire. The settings and previous operational data (energy consumption, operating temperature, operating time, voltage ranges of the network, etc.) become available immediately. In case we wish to set the lumen output, it should be executed on the mobile device first, then re-sync with the luminaire is needed, making the new setup come into effect.




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