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Lighting for Education

Lighting, the asset to help studying

Creativity, productivity, concentration and performance:  these expressions are generally connected to education when development, talent management and performance come into question. However, we do not necessarily consider them relatable to educational lighting, although, it is essential for creating appropriate circumstances for studying. Good quality lighting enhances the well-being of both students and teachers.

Nowadays, we often find outdated lighting solutions with fluorescent tubes in educational buildings. They affect performance in a negative way, not to mention the fact that they result in unfavourable maintenance and energy costs.

In case we seek efficient, trustworthy and long-life illumination, LED luminaires are needed, as they fully comply with the requirements of educational lighting: they provide non-glare lighting that effects the nervous system through the eyes in a beneficial way. They favour estate owners, as they reduce maintenance time and electricity bills in the long run.
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Characteristics and challenges of the educational segment

Today, the biggest problem in lighting educational buildings is the usage of the previously mentioned outdated solutions, that can only be redressed by replacing the traditional fluorescent tubes. Very often re-wiring is needed, and we need to face the unfavourable characteristics of old buildings: inner heights are huge and there is no false ceiling.

Creating good quality lighting means the implementation of energy efficient and functional luminaires, complying with effective standards. They should emit non-glare light with optimal colour rendering and colour temperature, besides being controllable as per users’ needs.

We, at Simotrade, put together our educational lighting solutions taking into consideration the above-mentioned characteristics and challenges for the following rooms and spaces:

  • classrooms
  • teachers’ rooms
  • library
  • hall
  • corridors, stairs, circulation areas
  • kitchen
  • dining hall
  • service rooms
  • gymnasium
  • outdoor sports facilities

Our non-glare, high-efficacy, dimmable and smart product ranges with various mounting options (surface, recessed or suspended), adjustable colour temperature, good colour rendering and with the required ingress protection and impact resistance, perfectly comply with the special lighting requirements of educational institutions.

Contact us during initial design phase, and we help you put together the optimal lighting structure with our competitive luminaries, produced with LED technology. We give you tailor-made and modern lighting solutions. Our fixtures are ISO 9001:2015 certified and tested in our unique laboratory. We use state-of-the art components: Tridonic, Osram, Vossloh, TCI electronics, LEDIL optics, NFC and DALI controls.


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